FRP Storage Tank

FRP Storage Tank

We are a nonpareil Manufacturer and Supplier of FRP storage tanks for Hydrochloric Acid and other corrosive chemicals. The largest tank manufactured by us till date has a capacity of 250,000 litres. It has a diameter of 6400 mm and height of 9000 mm. We design and manufacture both vertical and horizontal tanks for over ground and underground installations. We follow codes such as BSS and ASTM for the design. The tanks can be made either by hand lap or on filament winding machines.

Dimensions :

  • 6400 mm diameter
  • 9000 mm height

Capacity :

  • 250,000 litres

  • FRP Storage Tank 01

  • 100 Kl Hcl Storage Tank 01

  • FRP Storage Tank 02

  • 100 Kl Hcl Storage Tanks 02

  • 250 Kl Hypochlorite Acid Storage Tank

  • FRVE Acid Storage Tanks 01

  • Horizontal PVC + FRP Acid Storage Tank 01

  • Vertical 25 Kl FRP Acid Storage Tank 2