Sulfur Dioxide Absorber

Sulfur Dioxide Absorber

Pollution by SO2 is a major problem in sulphuric acid plants. We have put up giant absorbers for SO2 in such plants. The specialty of our system is that whereas NaOH is used for the absorption of SO2, the product is NaHSO3 and not Na2SO3. Thus the consumption of NaOH is reduced to 50%. A pH control system automatically recharges and refreshes the scrubbing liquid when it is exhausted. A two-stage countercurrent cascade is adopted for efficient removal of the toxic gases to pollution control standards. Sodium metabisulphite is a valuable bye-product in this scheme.  We are a trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Sulfur Dioxide Absorber.

Suitable For :

  • Controlling the pollution

Features :

  • Two-staged countercurrent cascade
  • Effectively removes toxic gases
  • Excellent ph control system
  • Automatic refreshing and recharging of scrubbing liquid