Tray Type Gas Absorbers

Tray Type Gas Absorbers

Acid is regenerated and recovered from the spent acid in steel pickling plants.  The spent acid containing chlorides of iron is oxidized in a fluidized bed reactor to produce iron oxide and HCl vapours.  Whereas iron oxide is a useful bye-product, the HCl is absorbed in stoichiometric quantities of water to obtain 17 to 20% hydrochloric acid and reused for pickling.  We design, manufacture and Supply special tray-type absorbers for the purpose.  Finally, the gases are passed through packed columns to limit emissions within pollution control limits.

Attributes :

  • Smooth working
  • Excellent pollution control limits
  • Easy passage through packed columns
  • High reliability

Used For :

  • Absorbing HCl in stoichiometric water quantities

  • Tray Type Gas Absorbers

  • 80000 CMH HF Horizontal Scrubber

  • PP FRP Gas Scrubbing System 250x250

  • Scrubbing Tank